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Curb Check!

The other day on my way home from my Mother’s house….I spotted a chair sitting by the curb.  Now this took me off guard because it was in little ole Amherst!  THAT…..just doesn’t happen there.  But….none the less…me being one to NEVER turn down a potential project….I came to a screeching halt….and of course had to back up….but wheels spinning with potential I stopped and stuffed it in my car!  This sort of behavior used to embarrass me….but I think I’m numb to it now.

Now….it wasn’t very much to look at…but it’s stable and had REALLY cute lines!

 The color was actually pretty close to what I needed….but not quite.  I stripped the old fabric off….and painted it’s legs.  (AGAIN with those DANG skinny legs!!!!)

With some paint….and a handy staple gun… started transforming!

In Progress!
I didn’t know at first..what fabric I would use on it….but I decided to use it in my bathroom….so the indecision didn’t last long.  The bathroom is in the middle of turning to these new colors….so… she is! 
Ya’ll have a great day!!!!

As with any item….the possibilities are endless with suitcases.  They stack…store…and decorate.  I especially love them because you can keep things that you don’t use all the time…that normally clutter up a closet.  I stack them against a wall….use them for side tables….and as you will see in another post…use them for furniture.

Now….I found this little trio an one of my trips to Pueblo with my husband.  I bought them all separately….AND in different places…..but they may as well been a set!

I took them and put a good primer coat on them….and painted them up!

I even paint the interior! It takes that fabric and makes it look like patent leather!!!! YUMMMMMMO!

As with all my past projects…NO BEFORES…..but here’s the AFTER!!!!

How good with this look against ANY colored wall?

Ya’ll have a Great Morning!!!!

Tall Spotted and Handsome

Not too long ago my sister, daughter and I were haunting around looking for goodies in different junk stores.  I found the cutest little children’s desk stuck in a dark corner of one store.  It was covered in junk….dusty and hidden away from view.

I absolutely fell in LOVE… just screamed out my name as I passed by.

It was completely raw wood….and just ready for some imagination!

It had Long skinny legs….I’m sooooo jealous!

When I got home with it….I had my paints and tools out out within ten minutes….and away I went!

Now some projects have to sit in a corner of MY house for a while before I know what they’re gonna be….but some….they tell me right off the bat what to transform them into!  And she knew….and she told me!!!

I had to go to the shop and find some scrap wood for her metamorphosis….and I began to draw.  As the pencil went across the wood…..she became.

I attached it….drew her spots…and painted her up.

My sister brought me an ugly peace of wig she found at her house….she had no idea what I would do with it….but she knew I’d use it.  I knew the second I got my hands on it… was for the desk.

She now stands proud…and ready for a kiddo to study and draw on!

What do ya think?

Ya’ll have a Great Day!