Below is a picture of a past painting project….sorry there are no “befores”….as I said….I will be better at that  in the future!

 This is a little art deco dressing table that a dear friend of mine gave to me.  Since I’m not a huge fan of art deco….it either had to go…or change!  I Removed the old handles…and filled their holes with wood putty.  It’s pretty rare to find new handles that you love that fit the old holes.  This is a good idea anyway because then there is nothing to get in the way of your design.

She got a nice white “all over” coat of paint….nice fresh starting point.

I simply drew the zebra stripes on and painted between the lines.  This is so much easier than it sounds…If you’re not confident at this….find a stencil….they are all over the internet.

I used a large “wall stencil” for the brocade patterns.  I got mine at a local “big name” hobby store near me.

I just used simple latex interior paint.  I use this for almost all my projects….it’s easy…and I NEVER throw any away after painting something….(I have a cashe that rivals a paint store.)  I snoop in the “oops paint” shelves anytime I’m in a home improvement…or hardware store.  Anywhere they mix paint….they have oops….and they are usually DEEPLY discounted.

I also found the knobs at my local hobby store….they are neat….and there is no rule that said I HAD to go back with handles….You’re the boss of your project….if it looks good to you that is what counts!

I found a drill bit that matched the size of the knob posts…..measured for the middle of each drawer….and voila!  (if you don’t feel comfortable drilling the holes yourself….you could probably take your project to a woodworking shop….at a high school….or cabinet maker.  Any of them would likely do this for you for free.

More in a day or so! Have a great day!!!!