My name is Tammy or Grammy if you’re one of my grandchildren…and this will be the first of hopefully many blogs to come.

My husband David and I have four children (his, mine and ours)….who have five children between them.  They manage to keep us busy and entertained the majority of the time.  Between them and our pets….it’s a wild ride here…in this little cottage in the middle of nowhere lost in the panhandle of Texas.  We have taken four houses and redone…and sold them.  Our current home has been TOTALLY gutted and mostly put back together….some of the renno will probably be shared with you here.

I am a LONG time homemaker and crafter.  I love gardening, photography, playing with my grand kids/pets and painting.  I like to undo…and redo.  I LOVE to take something that has run it’s life course and remake it into something new and fresh…and even a different use all together.  If it’s a craft or art….I’ve probably tried it at least once.  My intent is to share my projects with you…hopefully successes… but maybe some failures too….so that we can learn together.  Almost everything I try is purely experimental.  Until now I haven’t been very accomplished at getting before pictures of my projects…but the afters I have…and will share some past enterprises with you…as well as the new.

I hope to share my projects….my loves and my thoughts with my friends as we embark on this adventure together.

This is new and I hope to learn and grow and keep my readers interested….and entertained.   Be patient…remember if you’re reading this….you are going to be witness to my blog develop and mature with me!

I hope you will share your thoughts and ideas and ventures with me…if I can figure out how to let you.

Well….LET’S DO THIS!!!!