For anyone who lives in an old house….maybe this will inspire you to try something new to update the look.

Our house is older rock….not beautiful…but has a lot of charm…The color really isn’t doing anything for me.  It appeared to me to have a considerable amount of limestone in it. 

Acid stain works by reacting to the lime in concrete….so I had left over acid stain from my patio project…and got in a concealed area of the rock and tested it.  I loved the way it looked.  These are some progress pictures.  We won’t be completely finished with it until sometime in winter.  We have mud swallows and we don’t want to disturb their nests.  When they leave for the winter we will do the walls where they reside.

You have to be sure and wipe off any that gets on the siding…but I LOVE the way it’s turning out!

You also have to take care not to get this on your skin…it stings…it really didn’t seem to burn like you would think though.  This building is an old detached garage behind my house….I want to convert it to a little guest house.

Bye Ya’ll…..till next time!