In our quest for companionship….we manage to acquire a multitude of critters…animals…pets…whatever you want to call them….they become our family members.  I believe in many ways we grow more attached to them than our OWN children.

They are there when we laugh…cry…eat…sleep…bath…you name it!

I have to be one of the worlds worst for becoming attached to my animals.  One of my friends once said “Tammy…when I die…I want to be reincarnated as one of your animals!”  My husband and children all say that I treat my pets better than I do them.  Now…I don’t admit to that….but I must say…..I do LOVE my domesticated fauna.  I even have a tendency to turn the livestock into pets.

When Dave and I first got married….we bought all the boys a baby pig to take care of.  We thought that this would teach them very valuable lessons in reproduction…responsibility and how to produce an income.  Now….as far as income goes…..hahahahaha…..swine is no way to go…..we bought them high….and sold them low… our kids learned how NOT to do that.  But….back to my story.  As they grew….I was at home all day….and spent loads of time “messing” with them….with my youngest boy Luke…and my daughter Sara.  Dave tried to explain to me how to call them….with the “suuuuuey” call….but I and they never learned what the heck he was doing!  One day in the middle of the July heat….they got out of their pen.  We looked and looked up and down the roads….to no avail.  We finally just gave up and hoped that a neighbor would find them and call.  Several days went by…..and we began to see evidence of them around the yard in the mornings.  So…..we started leaving feed out for them.  Then one Saturday we were working in the yard…..and we could hear them in the corn that was growing in the circle by our house.  Dave said…..”we’ll NEVER get them out of that corn!”…..well….me being me thought….it’s worth a try and I started hollering “Here beebies”….Dave just laughed and laughed….and to our surprise……here they all came running!  This really isn’t even the point to my story…..anyway…they grew up…and we got a boar and bread them.  Two of them had their litters one day….and late one winter evening the third one had hers.  Sadly our barn caught on fire that night and burned all of them up but three….and the three babies were brought into my laundry room….slept with our dogs.  We borrowed a goat from friends….and I milked her every day and bottle fed those babies.  This was the beginning of a long line of domesticated farm animals in our home.  including a bottle fed calf that would stand at the kitchen sink and nudge me in the bottom while I fixed her bottle.

Over the years we have had so many critters….we could rival a zoo. I must say every one of them has had a special place in my heart….and memory.

Here are a few of the brats living in and around my place recently.

The Bobsies

 This is a pair of white boxers that belong to my youngest children….but they couldn’t keep them where they live….so of course… inherited them….and now they are attached to the farm….and each other.  They are “Bubbles”….the one on top of the other….and the bottom brat is “Vinnie”.

Vinnie Paul…or Vinnie so Skinny

Jo Jo or Jo Jo Jelly Beans

 This little doll came from a friend of mine in Muleshoe….actually….he is how we met.  I really don’t even know what to say about him….it was a moment of weakness!

Molly (Molly Moo Moo) and Jo Jo

 Molly is a little shihzapoo that I got about 5 years ago…..she IS the Queen of the place.  Her intelligence amazes me! My daughter calls her and Jo Jo my stalkers…cause they are always one step behind me!

Jo Jo

Vinnie Paul…..ugh!

This was just wonderful to turn around and see laying in my office floor!  The bobsies find all kinds of crap to get into together!

This is Prudence my daughter’s cat….she also is currently living with us.  What part of “MOM” has four dogs a cat and tons of other critters…..says bring me some more?
Bubbles…..ever napping!
This cat just reeks of meaness!….and what a hunter!
She is actually too good of a hunter!!! She kills a lot of things I don’t want her to….and sometimes she just brings them in the house….alive….and releases them….ugh!
Molly…..A lot of siestas around here!
A stick bug in my garden

This is the second baby horney toad this size that we have found

Have no idea what kind of butterfly this is…but she’s nice!
two of the many baby calves born on our place.

We have raised many calves….several were bottle fed.  The one I mentioned before…and there was one that slept in the carport with my dogs on a blanket…he was convinced that my suburban was his mother…I don’t know how many times I would catch him trying to nurse from the tailpipe….lol

More mother son Love!

Mud swallow babies.
We have at least twenty mud swallow nests all around our house.  They are so much fun to watch grow up.  Plus…they say that a mud swallow will eat 200 times it’s weight in mosquitos in a season! Wow!!!
One of my hummers!!!

Again with the bug eating fauna!!!
Sara Moo’s Doo
This is Sara…named after our daughter, because Dave said since Sara was off at college…this was the prettiest little girl we had on the place…and she had to be named after the first! This was the rottenest calf ever!!!! (notice the barrettes!)
Well….this was a long one! Hope Ya’ll enjoyed it!
Ya’ll have a Great Day!