Not too long ago my sister, daughter and I were haunting around looking for goodies in different junk stores.  I found the cutest little children’s desk stuck in a dark corner of one store.  It was covered in junk….dusty and hidden away from view.

I absolutely fell in LOVE… just screamed out my name as I passed by.

It was completely raw wood….and just ready for some imagination!

It had Long skinny legs….I’m sooooo jealous!

When I got home with it….I had my paints and tools out out within ten minutes….and away I went!

Now some projects have to sit in a corner of MY house for a while before I know what they’re gonna be….but some….they tell me right off the bat what to transform them into!  And she knew….and she told me!!!

I had to go to the shop and find some scrap wood for her metamorphosis….and I began to draw.  As the pencil went across the wood…..she became.

I attached it….drew her spots…and painted her up.

My sister brought me an ugly peace of wig she found at her house….she had no idea what I would do with it….but she knew I’d use it.  I knew the second I got my hands on it… was for the desk.

She now stands proud…and ready for a kiddo to study and draw on!

What do ya think?

Ya’ll have a Great Day!