The other day on my way home from my Mother’s house….I spotted a chair sitting by the curb.  Now this took me off guard because it was in little ole Amherst!  THAT…..just doesn’t happen there.  But….none the less…me being one to NEVER turn down a potential project….I came to a screeching halt….and of course had to back up….but wheels spinning with potential I stopped and stuffed it in my car!  This sort of behavior used to embarrass me….but I think I’m numb to it now.

Now….it wasn’t very much to look at…but it’s stable and had REALLY cute lines!

 The color was actually pretty close to what I needed….but not quite.  I stripped the old fabric off….and painted it’s legs.  (AGAIN with those DANG skinny legs!!!!)

With some paint….and a handy staple gun… started transforming!

In Progress!
I didn’t know at first..what fabric I would use on it….but I decided to use it in my bathroom….so the indecision didn’t last long.  The bathroom is in the middle of turning to these new colors….so… she is! 
Ya’ll have a great day!!!!