As with any item….the possibilities are endless with suitcases.  They stack…store…and decorate.  I especially love them because you can keep things that you don’t use all the time…that normally clutter up a closet.  I stack them against a wall….use them for side tables….and as you will see in another post…use them for furniture.

Now….I found this little trio an one of my trips to Pueblo with my husband.  I bought them all separately….AND in different places…..but they may as well been a set!

I took them and put a good primer coat on them….and painted them up!

I even paint the interior! It takes that fabric and makes it look like patent leather!!!! YUMMMMMMO!

As with all my past projects…NO BEFORES…..but here’s the AFTER!!!!

How good with this look against ANY colored wall?

Ya’ll have a Great Morning!!!!