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Turquoise Treasure

This little dressing table was a neat little find.  I think I have a thing for dressing tables!

I was in one of my favorite little junk/treasure stores and found this little darling….it was tucked WAY at the very back of the store….covered in “things”.  I think it had been there for a long time…I just never noticed it before….but the set up seemed really familiar to me.

I’m not sure what drew me the most….the curvy arms around the mirror….or the castors….I LOVE them both!

I got it for a song because it had the nick in the bottom drawer.  This pretty much dictated it to be painted…..that was just gonna be a no-brainer.  I ordinarily like the authenticity of the chips and nicks…but this one was pretty severe….so it had to be patched… the way….water putty…need I say more?

 I had some oops paint that was just dying to get out of the can….so that was the color!

 I really LOVE this color….not near as much as RED….but…..It will probably show up again!

I was originally planning to change the knobs…but after painting them chocolate and highlighting them with the bronze glaze….I decided they fit nice!

Thanks Ya’ll!!!


Horizontal Portal

I LOVE LOVE LOVE old doors!  I’m not sure what caused this endearment….or really when it started.  I have been collecting old doors for quite sometime now…and have WAY too many ideas rolling around upstairs!

This project came from the fact that I had this door….and I knew what I wanted to do with it….just didn’t have all the parts and pieces to it.

One day about 8 yrs ago…while living in town….waiting on my dream cottage to come along…my daughter and I were sitting on the front porch chatting. At this time….we had a great dane that LOVED to chase cats.  We started tying him to the porch posts when we were in the front yard so that we didn’t have to spend half the afternoon sprinting down allies to catch him.  Mind you…..these are no small posts….I really should be referring to them as columns.

Anyway…..he saw a cat…and in his usual way he bolted….only this time the column didn’t stop him! He took it with him!!!! After running at least a block chasing a great dane..chasing a cat…dragging a column…I began to have a moment of panic..about my porch falling down without one of the supports!

We temporarily replaced the column…and had a contractor look at it…at which time he informed us it wasn’t structural…and I instantly began to dream about my door’s new life!

The other column was taken down….both chopped in half…and some trim added….and the creation has been one of my FAVORITE pieces of furniture since!!!

I don’t have any clutter or anything! lol

I had a piece of glass cut for it…but it got broken during some remodeling…and I haven’t gotten it replaced.  Love it anyway!

Christmas presents stuffed under it! =]

You just can’t get any better than this!

I had to match the patina that was on the sides of the door and column.

Look at that “built in” patina!!!!
Well…on the leg and trim…I had to fake it on the small edge of the door.

Thanks Ya’ll!!


It’s been a while….keeping grandchildren makes for limited time!

This project is SUPER easy!!! Made from ALL second hand stuff!

A vintage suitcase….used clothing…..even the pillow is thrift!

OH….I did buy the feet new from the local home improvement store….porch post finials!

I bought the suitcase at a thrift store for $2.99

I started by ripping this LOVELY mauve fabric lining out of it….nothing special needed for this….just a pair of pliers…and scissors.

You can buy fabric from a remnant pile….or use a skirt…shower curtain…sheet/pillowcase…or blanket.  I used a hunk of fabric from my stash….if I remember right…this was a shower curtain.

If you want to use my exact technique…….grab a grandbaby!

It is generally essential at my house to keep one of these on hand…..and several dogs!

The finials are easily screwed in through the bottom of the suitcase….right where Jude is sitting!

I also screwed a couple of boards inside….for weight….it will want to tip backwards if you don’t.

If you want to make your cushion cover washable….you could cut a piece of plywood to fit the inside bottom and staple the fabric to it before putting it in the suitcase….I didn’t because I change colors constantly and I figure by the time the fabric needs to be washed….I’ll be ready for a change.

I used hot glue to attach my fabric….but you could use something like super 77 too if you wanted to.

This might be where you choose to insert one of your critters to help…they are usually hanging about!

Notice…that I attached a pocket in the back for bones….leashes….toys and other necessities!  I used a piece of fabric a little longer across than the suitcase itself….so that it would have some stretch.  I hot glued some elastic inside the pocket….no sewing if you don’t want to!

I found a piece of trim laying about that worked for finishing….and Viola!!!  If your pooch has a habit of chewing….you may want to leave this off!

 Thanks Ya’ll!!!