This little dressing table was a neat little find.  I think I have a thing for dressing tables!

I was in one of my favorite little junk/treasure stores and found this little darling….it was tucked WAY at the very back of the store….covered in “things”.  I think it had been there for a long time…I just never noticed it before….but the set up seemed really familiar to me.

I’m not sure what drew me the most….the curvy arms around the mirror….or the castors….I LOVE them both!

I got it for a song because it had the nick in the bottom drawer.  This pretty much dictated it to be painted…..that was just gonna be a no-brainer.  I ordinarily like the authenticity of the chips and nicks…but this one was pretty severe….so it had to be patched… the way….water putty…need I say more?

 I had some oops paint that was just dying to get out of the can….so that was the color!

 I really LOVE this color….not near as much as RED….but…..It will probably show up again!

I was originally planning to change the knobs…but after painting them chocolate and highlighting them with the bronze glaze….I decided they fit nice!

Thanks Ya’ll!!!