Today….the front bedroom.  This room was the standard texture paint and redo the closet,  door and light fixture!  I don’t have pictures of the closet…go figure…..but all three of the bedroom closets were walk in with a single rod and one shelf….ugh…and my least favorite thing pull chains for the lights! all that was delt with and modernized too. We did however build Sara a bookshelf and desk in this room after she finally decided which of the spare bedrooms she was gonna lite in….she moved back and forth a couple of times.
above her bed is a mosaic I made for her with a dry erase in the middle…more about this later!
 We ripped all the carpet in the whole house out before we really did anything else….I just wanted to vomit on it every time I walked in the front door….so this was mostly for my sanity. 
I must say I LOVED the light that came into this house!

We didn’t take pictures…but we painted a eighteen inch black and white checked floor in this bedroom that She just adored and begged us not to put carpet on…but after all it was to sell….and we had let all her friends sign it with sharpies and she just wanted to bad to take it with her.  I just laughed and laughed the day they came to put the carpet in….I caught one of the carpet layers…..signing her floor! Too funny!

Here are the shelves we built!

Well….see ya again tomorrow!
Thanks y’all!