This blog is somewhat different than the others….but I have had many of my friends and family ask for pictures of the house that we totally gutted and remodeled in town.  I don’t have before pictures…and some of my friends don’t need them, I’m sure they’ll remember that 70’s forgotten relic.  This will be a several day blog….just too much for one day!

But…..for those of y’all who never stepped into that house picture a green and gold decorating project gone wrong. It had paneling and was dark and depressing…..ugly stained pine wood everywhere and woodwork that shouldn’t have ever been made. The bathrooms had dropped ceilings with florescent lights (like in this part of the country, where our ceilings are lucky to be eight feet, you’d want to make them lower!)

We bought this house knowing that we wouldn’t stay…that it would be a fixer and live in till we found our house in the country.

Through MANY arguments, trials and mistakes we finally got it finished and found the house we currently live in about the same time.   Oh…by the way….this one is even a worse fixer! We lucked out and timed it just about right.  Showed to three people and sold it three weeks on the market!

For those of you whom have never taken on anything like this….and are thinking about it……THINK hard! This is messy and daunting and the source of more fights and disagreements than you can EVER imagine! For those of you who HAVE taken this on! Congratulations you’re AMAZING and BRAVE!!!!

Anyway….enough talking……here’s the pics!

As you walk in the front door….see the old door in the background!

For those of y’all who saw the house before….where the old door is leaning is all that remains of the wall that separated the formal living room and the den/kitchen.

This was stained pine shelves and orange and pink brick….blah!

Revised fireplace! if you look to either side of the fireplace at the “legs” those open for tools and whatnot….Dave and I came as close as we have EVER been to a divorce over this fireplace re-face project….I finally had to show my back side to get my way! But, in the end he loved it as much, if not more than I did.  Poof that if you KNOW you’re right……FIGHT…..FIGHT….FIGHT for it!

Looking back at the front door

And last but not least….looking into the kitchen!

What a pain this was!

About where the rooster is standing over to the right was a bar that extended almost all the way across.  It had those DUMB cabinets above that you had to duck to see any one at the bar! (eye roll)
Who came up with that design? The oven was also in this set of cabinets….so that had to be moved as well….you can’t imagine the arguments this caused!

More tomorrow! Thanks Y’all!