I absolutely LOVE collections….of any kind and shape….however they can get out of hand.

A few years ago I decided to experiment with some of my collections….little momentos of different kinds…..I was remodeling a bathroom at the time and was planning on using a pretty expensive grout….epoxy grout and I wanted to have the mosaic done when I finished the tile….so I could take advantage of the extra grout.

I had never done what I would call a REAL mosaic before….so this was a shot in the dark for me….=\….I was on an “all white” kick, so that became the theme of this particular project. I gathered up all my white, cream, and off white “junk” and all silver stuff and began to glue…..I fell IN LOVE with this technique!

The requests began to pour in…..Everyone wants a freebee! Sara, my daughter’s request came next….actually I didn’t have to be asked for her….I offered. She too has a thing about collections and had quite a few things to add to hers…..however the picture I have of hers is not very good…and you really can’t tell what all she has on hers…..but it had pogs and pictures and glass trinkets. Hers….rather than a mirror like mine….she got a dry erase board.

I made this one to sell….but as of yet, I haven’t really found a home for my things for sale….so it is hanging on the wall in my guest bedroom. I stuck to the white theme….mostly because for mosaics…..it’s so soothing.

Last year Mom was redoing her bedroom in blue and yellow right around her birthday….so she got this to go with it.

And I did this one to hang in my kitchen!

I have made more….but of course…didn’t document….oh well…lesson learned…….MAYBE….I still forget my camera more than you can imagine! lol

Love Y’all!