Last Friday as I was headed to pick up Dave from the airport….I made my scan through our local internet sale ad. I noticed that there was a window listed that I had looked at several times…but hadn’t had time to call about. Weird sometimes how a project instantly come to mind….while others have to be rolled around in the head for a while.

Don’t look at my unscraped doors….they were a find too….lol and I don’t always save time for my house…

This project was an instant!!! I knew the minute I laid eyes on this baby what it was gonna be….I just wasn’t sure how I was gonna go about it! I found the leg in my “stash”….I keep a pile of stuff around that I find in different places that I think might come in handy later…or look like a project for the future.

ANYWAY….I e-mailed the guy…and found out I REALLY like his style and we visited about our “green” attitudes. Apparently I’m NOT the only one that gets in trouble for all the “CRAP” that sits around because it just seems like a waste to through it away!

We met and he had brought along a little “bonus” for me that he thought I’d like! WOW….we are DEFINITELY gonna be friends!!

In the background of these little darlings…you can see some more of my “stash”….it’s everywhere….really….everywhere…I’ve run out of room for it all….and that’s why the booth has to happen!

Not sure what I’ll do with these….but I’m sure it’ll come to me….unless one of Y’all want to suggest something! =D

I’ll post more about the half circle window another day….I DO know what it’ll be in it’s next life.

Love Y’all!