There is something alluring about old wood….I just think it has to be one of the most charming materials we can use in decor.

Last summer I was piddling around the farm digging through all the CRAP (goodies) that got left on our farm before we bought it. As I was walking by the horse trailer something occurred to me….WOW…the most perfect size and texture shelving….right there in the bottom of the trailer that I’ve walked into a million times. I can’t believe I had never considered it before!!!

As most of you know….Dave works out of town and is gone alot….I knew he would probably have a heart attack right on the spot if he knew what I was up to….good thing he was gone!!! tee hee

Now….those old boards looked alot like they could be replaced….pretty worn out…..I had better get the de-struction portion done for Davie!!! I made pretty short work of that job….and WOW

Here is what the boards look like…..see….they DID need replacing…..

oops…haven’t done that yet!

Then I got on an auction site….and found some gorgeous old corbels…..they didn’t have a way to hang….but a couple of screws and scraps of 2×4 fixed that…..

I took some urethane and coated them and the plank….I love the old chips….just not in my floor….and grandkids’ mouths!!!

I just think they’re perfect!

Love Y’all!!