In my efforts to get all my furniture finished this week for the booth…I wanted to get this really atrocious peace upcycled.

How UGLY is she? I….who always sees potential….even where the most optimistic soul doesn’t….had my doubts about this one…..WOW….it had a LONG way to go. Sometimes you just have to work on blind faith…..Remember hind sight is 20/20!

It sat….looking EXACTLY like this in my kitchen for at least a week….maybe two. I’ve lost track of time with the last few tornadic weeks. My family has really stopped asking….they have learned that I will eventually come up with something….and sometimes I can’t explain it.

FINALLY yesterday it came to me….and I worked ALL day long on her!

Amazing what having to look an a ghastly specimen will do for the imagination!

Oh….I haven’t picked her handles yet….I’ll update when I do!

Love Y’all!!!