Today….an UGLY OLD wardrobe makeover!!!

She was pretty pitiful Missing the front of the door…and the drawers were just totally scratched up!!!

I added a new panel to the front…worked on the drawers. Painted and primped and added new knobs!

On the inside of the small door….top left I made an ear ring holder and hooks for necklaces…..What EVERY girlie girl needs…storage for her pretties!!! AND there’s tons of room for nail polish and what ever else in there.

Inside the mail cabinet I added that darling little chandelier…a power strip for curling irons, blow dryers and flatirons! A place for rings, change and trinkets. The inside of the door got a full length mirror…and there is STILL room for the cute little stool I added!

Well….what’s the consensus?

Love Y’all!