Okay…..Y’all know I love a good junk pick….well I’ve been like this for FOREVER!!!

Back five or so years ago…I was in one of my junk haunts and found some old gas cans….I had Dave cut me a “smiley” in them and planted them….They became my mother’s day gifts that year. Ever since I’ve longed to have another one…as mine disappeared in the move!

Well…I got some more and that is part of my hubby’s week-end…(after three weeks from home) “pimp” job!!! lol

Only these…will go to the booth! (I’ll most likely keep one!) AND….they got a new updated look…I will probably keep some old and rusty….but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the MOD new look!

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How AWESOME would this be for Mother’s Day?!!!!

Love Y’all!