Okay all you West Texans….it’s that time of year….with spring in the air….the warm winds are bringing our little rodent hunters out! 

I just thought I would remind all Y’all to keep your eyes on the ground when you’re out and about!  This little darling was in my yard…and if Dave hadn’t been walking with me…he probably would have bitten me…Dave grabbed me just as I was stepping right on top of him!  Not only are they hard to see…as you will notice this is a VERY young one…the black button is Shaking like crazy as you will notice in one of the photos….but it’s just that…..a button….not one sound!

It’s apparently gonna be one of those years too….this is the second of the year for us…and usually we don’t find them right up at the house….but this one was in the yard amongst the cats, dogs and people!

Off to the pasture little friend….go get a rat!!!!

Love Y’all!!!!