Y’all don’t forget that my give away runs through the month of May.

Just because no one guessed the bonus doesn’t mean you still can’t win the other.

I was told my explanation of the rules was a tad confusing….so let me try to simplify them.

1. You HAVE to be subscribed to my blog to be eligible.
2. Tell EVERYONE you know to go subscribe.  Tell them that this also makes them eligible to win.
    when they subscribe.  They need to comment on ANY of my blog posts that they are signing up  
    because you told them about me.
3. who ever gets the most friends to subscribe to my blog in the month of May….will win their
    choice of the prizes

The choices are:

Choice 1:
An old barn wood sign….with the words (within reason) of the winner’s choosing….but I have an example…….
Choice 2:
A Large board shelf with my luster coating….I know this seems silly….but I LOVE these! And the coating takes alot of time and it’s not cheap!  They can be used with your OWN brackets, corbels….or hooks….what ever….they are 5′ x 9″ x 1 1/2″ thick! Keep in mind….theses measurements are APPROXIMATE only….these boards are OLD and Partially worn….so some are slightly shorter!
Choice 3:
A set of my book stacks….yours won’t look like these….unless you just insist….and I still have it at the booth….You DO however get to choose a color/style scheme…and I’ll e-mail you with some samples for approval prior to covering them.
Choice 4:
One of my “Texas” branch stars! Not the one pictured….it’s already gone.  The star that you will get if you choose this price will be “APPROXIMATELY” 3-4 feet tall. I will try to do a 4 footer….but sometimes I just can’t find the branches for that….so NO PROMISES!!!!
Now….keep in mind…..if you don’t live local….YOU will be responsible for shipping! I don’t mind getting it to the post office….but you have to pay for it.  Some of these things are large and heavy!  =]
Also….if you don’t really care for any of these…and there is a project I’ve done that seems comparable in value….let me know….and we’ll talk! I want the winner to be happy….and I want Y’all to WANT to win!

Oh….and family…..if you are subscribed to my blog….YOU can win this portion….just NOT the guessing portion…or bonus….that is already passed anyway!!!

Love Y’all!