Okay….another door project!

I can’t help myself….I just love these things!

A friend guided me to this little jewel.  A french door….rotting away in the outdoors! Why is it that people have these things stored against a shed without any worries about condition or worth….till you come along and ask for them….then all the sudden…they’re worth something! I’m glad that they’re around….but really folks…lets stop being greedy! ANYHOO!!!

I sealed her up….and decorated her panes….then I coated the back side with mirror paint!

I attached several linens…and drilled a hole for the light and attached it.

Then I attached twinkle lights on the back side and hung her up!!!!  I REALLY REALLY think this one is my favorite so far!  I have sooooooooo many versions of this floating in my head….I can’t even begin to tell you about them!!!!!  But….one thing about it….with this blog…You’re sure to see them eventually!!!!

What do Y’all think?
Love Y’all!!!