This has been a crazy week for me….and next is even crazier!

I wanted to keep in touch with everyone….so here are some pics of what is blooming in my gardens right now….

I may not get to have a post next week…I will be heading to Salt Lake City with the hubby….

Hopefully these will keep everyone satisfied until then…

Also I would LOVE for everyone to leave a comment of a request of something they would like me to do…a tutorial or one of my projects!

Blue Flax…One of the REAL blues of the garden

Pink Sweet William! The smell is amazing!

Desert Willow

My Crazy Daisies….are going crazy!!!!

White double holy hocks….I just love these….in all colors!!!

My “yellow” Red Hot Pokers!

One of my Roses…..I LOVE ROSES!!!!!


A new little verbascum I found the other day!

Y’all have a WONDERFUL week!
Love Y’all!!!