As most of you know I was in SLC this week finding a way for my hubby to live away from me….=\.  Although I know we can weather this storm….I’m kinda scared of all the changes going on in our lives.  AND…he admitted this week that he’s a little nervous about the living arrangements too.  I have to keep reminding myself that the Lord is in charge of this situation and we WILL prevail!!!

Okay, enough whining….so…apparently I was on this trip for mainly lighting! It seems like sometimes in my outings….I have luck in a particular area….no not sometimes…most of the time.

This last week was long…tiring….and overwhelming.  I am now the proud owner of more lights than I can shake a stick at!!! That was pretty much the theme during my outings in SLC.  This may be the first in a LONG line of blogs about the new outfits and bobbles of the harem of lighting in my life! I hope they are as popular in the booths as they are with me….so far that seems to be the consensus.

Here’s a peek at a few of these tired little ladies that will be getting new outfits and jewelry over the next few weeks….HOPEFULLY I will get some requests for certain colors and styles for Y’all to watch….and I think I’m gonna do a “REWIRE” tutorial! I’ve had a few folks as for that….and it’s a good thing to know!!!!


OMG!!!! I have a serious problem!!! OH….and…there are several that aren’t pictured here!….GOOD GRIEF! =\

 OH…..LOOK what hatched in the little pool while I was away! I wanted to freshen the water and get it up and running before I left…but the morning we went out to do that….we found a fun little “froggy” party going on in it.  Now..with Jude fixing to turn two….I thought he’d enjoy watching the babies transform, so they get to stay till their tails fall off! =D  THEN….we’ll get to swim!

 Keep in mind…these are smaller than a pencil eraser!!! AWWWE

Love Y’all!!!!