Okay…A while back I did the post about our house in town….a whole new house.  I told Y’all about two mirrors that were sitting at forty-fives in the corners of my bathroom vanity.  Well….this is what I did with those. 

I think I’ve been in LOVE with Trumeau mirrors since before I knew what they were called.  I think they are one of the most beautiful ways you can frame a mirror.  Of course I LOVE all things French and these…are….in my humble opinion…the epitome of French design.  Awe…the curves…the language…the Romance….YUMMMO!!!!! ANYHOOOOO….back on track

 Dave and I were in the depths of home remodel and he got called away to Canada.  I didn’t have anything that I could do alone.  I had these mirrors leaning in the way…and just didn’t have the heart to throw them out…just too nice and heavy.  I had longed for a trumeau mirror for forever and because of all the other things going on in the house…we had plywood left overs also.

 I took the plywood and cut it to have about three inches on the sides…and about 8 on the bottom….because I wanted three…and my baseboards were gonna be about five…hence eight.  On the top I left sixteen….no particular reason…just liked that amount.

I had some embossed wallpaper left over also and that’s what I used in the space above the mirror.  Typically carvings and plaques are used here…but I was too cheap for that…and I wanted this to be a “free” or I guess you’d call it…”scrap use” project.  I had various moldings left over and wanted to put some of those to use also….as Y’all know…I NEVER through ANYTHING away….I centered the mirror…and used mirror mastic to attach it.

This made the mirror stand above the plywood….so I cut more plywood to place around it in the frame spaces.

Then I used base boards to finish the bottom….and tiny paneling molding to finish around the mirror….if you are handy with a router….you could finish that part with a round over bit….I’m not really very good with one….and I had this trim….so that’s what I used to make the edge of the plywood look good there.

I took even different molding and went three inches above the mirror and placed it….to kind of make a break between the “frame” and my wallpaper. then took some decorative molding and put it around the top.   I don’t do very well with crown either….so this saved me from having to deal with that….just sayin’.

I took calk….and if you want you paint jobs to look professional….ALWAYS use calk….and went around ALL the seams…..I also didn’t have enough molding to go around the outside of the mirrors….so I took wood putty and went around all the edges and sanded it….if you have used plywood…you know it NEVER looks good on the edges….this just dresses that up. I made a matching pair…I just made them to lean.  I painted them a gorgeous bright white.  These darlings have lived in my bedroom….my livingroom….my bathroom and my spare bedrooms….They go EVERYWHERE!


Love Y’all!