I grew up as a pretty big tom boy.  I’m not sure why…most of my youngest days were spent playing with my sister.  But…we did have a cousin that was just a few months older than me…and we were close.  I remember just LOVING doing everything that boys did…playing cowboys and indians, riding horses, riding motorcycles…getting completely dirty wresting in the dirt and hay.  We would disappear for hours in the pasture…usually having to be DRUG in for supper.  With that in mind…you’d be surprised, if you didn’t know my style at how fooffy it is.

Dave and I had three boys and I soooo related to them…I loved picking up the bugs and showing them…kissing the frogs….and handling the snakes.  I was really tailor made for boys.  Yet nothing I do on here or in my booths reflects that.

I got to thinking about that a few weeks ago…and starting hunting for some way to change that just a tad.  Here is what I came up with….

 Y’all might remember some of my other lighting
and here

 What do Y’all think?

Love Y’all!