Today…I’m gonna talk about someone else. I hope that this starts a trend.  I want to start spotlighting other local artists.  I think in this area of the world…artists go so unnoticed.  We live where most folks just barely get by…and live a pretty plain life.  No offense to anyone…this has always been a farming area…and for decades we have just been oblivious and starved from the arts.  There are so many talented folks right in this very small area.  I think I didn’t become aware of how many…until a got a social networking account.  I began to see that there is a myriad of talented people out there.

I started noticing about two years ago that Kayna Puckett had a face book page for her work. Accessory Alchemy.  Kayna is just amazing to me…to be so young…and already know where her talent lies is really unique.  She started making her adornments for herself around 2008 and instantly found that folks began asking her about them…and realized that she needed to branch out to the public…and needless to say…her business took off.  No wonder she’s had her items in boutiques and etsy….they’re AWESOME! I was just stunned at how beautiful her bows and accessories were.  And….for the detail and beauty of these items…they are extremely well priced. 

If you haven’t seen her work….and know ANYONE who accessorizes for themselves or a girl…you are MISSING out! Check the link  out to see even more of her drop dead artwork.  The REALLY cool thing about them….she can tailor make them….just for you and your style and personality!

I am just going to post some of her work….and let it speak for it’s self!

Aren’t they AWESOME? 

Love Y’all!