Okay….first….I must apologize. I told Y’all last week I was gonna do a perspective drawing tutorial…and I am…just haven’t had ANY time this week.  My time isn’t mine at all.  I have worked for two days in my booths…and I LOVE the changes…but I’m wore clean smooth right now! Moving isn’t much of an option today!  Enough whining.  I’m gonna share some of the lasted projects that are for sale in those booths…and I think this might be fitting since this is Main Street Market’s open house week!

 Secondly….I’m fixing to be moving my blog…it will soon be located at http://www.dejavuedesigns.com.  I don’t want to lose ANY of Y’all…and I hope the transition goes smoothly…but if not PLEASE be sure to go there and follow me!  I haven’t gotten it set up yet…so you won’t be able to at this time…however, the web site is there…as novice as it is.  I’m playing with it…and most of it is just there to see how the designs look.  Please feel free to snoop around…and if ANY of Y’all know a GOOD graphic artist that knows about blog/web page stuff….this isn’t my forte….and I’d LOVE a quote from them!!!! ANYWHOOOOOOO….here’s some of the new stuff!!! =]

 I saved this one for last….mostly…cause I think It might be a favorite of some of my most recient lighting endevers!

Love Y’all!