Today…a short tutorial on my small dragonfly/bug.  These are EVERY bit as popular as the large….table leg/ceiling fan blade version.  I’ve already had more orders for these…than I have in two months with their larger cousin!These are simple to make…and in a way….easier than the larger…because you don’t have to wait for a torn up ceiling fan to “happen”!  And if you DON’T use recycled stuff…you can EASILY get this stuff at the hardware store!

Just take a chair leg…or table leg of your choosing….or even a small spindle paint it however you like….mine came with the large screw in the end…we just unscrewed that…and the hole it left is PERFECT to take a pipe cleaner folded in half and stick in there for antennas. The eyes on this one are easier too…because EVERYONE has or can get bottle caps….they can even be found at the hobby store these days.  I just painted mine black and ran a screw through the middle for eyes.

The wings….believe it or not….I found painted just like they are! Can anyone guess? YEP!!! a fly swatter cut in half and curved a little!  You’ll need two swatters for each bug.  Another one of those ideas that just happened in my head.  A friend was asking what I would do with some small spindles/chair legs…and  for some reason….this just popped into my head….and the next day I found these zebra striped fly swatters.  Now who doesn’t like zebra stripes?  I’m loving these in all shapes, sizes and colors.  They are SOOOOO cute hanging about outside.  I think they would even be cute inside!!!  I used pliers to cut the fly swatter right before the first set of twists….that way you still have enough wire to twist around a screw for attaching.

Then if you’re gonna paint them…do that now.

Now just put them in place…and screw the two top wings in together…and also the bottom.  I have these hooks…I’m not sure if you can get these at the hardware store…but you can get different things for hanging pictures and stuff.  If not…make a figure 8 and screw through one of the hole….like in this post on dragonflies. Screw the bottle caps on…and you’re done.  Oh…I had to angle all the screws on this one…because he was soooooo skinny! But I gotter done! =D

Find you a good spot….and hang her/him/it up!!! =]

Cheryl L.  This is one of yours!

Love Y’all!