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UGH! Once again….my lack of knowledge has allowed me to listen to some one that obviously didn’t know much more than I did.

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Love Y’all!


Happy Birthday America!

On this day of our country’s birth….I would like to give everyone a reminder of a couple of things.
Many died for your right to read this…many died for your right to celebrate today.  You are not celebrating just the birth of our nation….your celebrating the bravery of many young to risk everything to find this country. They not only died for your freedoms….but they died coming here…bringing our families to our country.  They died for the right to sing our anthem….with the praises of our Lord. So many have sacrificed so that we could take the day off…be with our families and have fun today.
As you go to the parades…fireworks and festivities today remember them…thank them…and remember how awesome it is to live in the best country in the world! Even in our political differences…we still have the right to complain…protest…and vote to change it all.
Things will not always remain the same…laws will change…government representatives will come and go….but only because we still have the right to put them there.
Remember how diverse our country is…how beautiful it is….how Graced we are to get to live is this awesome majestic nation!!
Love Y’all!

Two times the fun!

Okay….here while back I made the triple sitter from three orphaned chairs…and it seemed to go over pretty well….anyway it sold.  This is a nod to that….with a twist! This is what I do with a duo.

Start with two of these…

and end with this….

A courting bench!

Love Y’all!!!

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